This picture of us, is pretty much where it all started.  This was taken at Rogue in Columbus, OH during our CrossFit Level 1 Training.  Both of us had been training partners at our local CrossFit for many years.  We had done a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong.  Our amazing coaches kept after us to push our training, work harder on mechanics and improving skills.  Beyond great coaching, we were both hungry (no pun intended) for knowlege.  We wanted to know more about mechanics of weightlifting, functional movement, saftey, rep schemes for ultimate improvment of muscle, cardio training strategies, running and rowing techniques and we were really trying hard to capture as many gainz as possible during the journey.  Our next step was to sign up for the Level 1 Training.  

Everything changed....  

What changed?  


See that "NURTITION" word at the FOUNDATION of the pyramid?  That part holding up the rest of everything we wanted to do?  That part that supports and spurs on growth in every area of what CrossFit demands?  Yeah that.  That's what we were both missing.  That's what we decided to improve first.....and we found that others struggle as well.


In our venture to eat better, in a way that would properly fuel our bodies for gainz, we decided to dive in and buy ourselves meal prep containers. Every week we'd cook food for ourselves, portion it out into the right zone blocks and then swap.  Friends at the gym began asking about our mysterious food drops and wondered if they could get in on it.  But alas, no one really wanted to cook.  

So here we are.  Training partners who like to cook and exchange meals. Maybe we could expand our cooking to include a few more of our work out and health-conscious friends.... 

We hope you'll join us on this venture to eat better and allow us to help you meet your own gainz goals!